1. Editorial illustrations for Arvopaperi, a Finnish Investment magazine

  2. Editorial illustration for Image Magazine. The article is about overtly talkative/showy waiters.
  3. Summertime - Scuba Diving

  4. The third illustration from my Summertime series: “Road Trip”

  5. Summertime - Beach - Janne Iivonen

  6. Summertime - Barbecue - Janne Iivonen

  7. Editorial illustrations for Wolf, the new Flow Festival Magazine. 

  8. Editorial illustrations for Ylioppilaslehti, a finnish student magazine. The article is based on a reader survey where the readers were asked how they see themselves in the future when they are old. Some of the answers were quite humorous and outlandish, which I tried to convey in the illustrations.

  9. Editorial Illustrations for Image Magazine’s article about Young Adult Literature. Art direction by Teemu Heinilehto.